New coronavirus variants crop up all the time. Why are health officials so concerned about this one - Michaeleen Doucleff


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Omicron’s Trajectory Shows Challenge of Maintaining Immune Defenses

New Omicron subvariants are proliferating even in the face of significant protection from vaccinations and prior infection, as policy makers consider measures including open-ended vaccination drives to keep the evolving virus at bay...

These recurring run-ins with a changing virus demonstrate the challenge of maintaining long-lasting defenses, even as Covid-19 vaccines and exposures build up protection against the virus’s worst outcomes.

“This is not a virus that a one-shot or a one-time infection gives you lifelong immunity,” said Jodie Guest, vice chair of the epidemiology department at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. “And we’re now super-aware of…

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Last Updated : Monday, May 9, 2022