Marburg Virus

Ebola and Marburg may have diverged as one spread among free-living fruit bats, the other among cave dwellers - Eric Leroy

Marburg Virus

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Marburg vs. Ebola

If you have to fall sick with a viral hemorrhagic fever from the Marburg-Ebola family, which one should you choose?

Go with Marburg. Though we don't know very much about how these viruses work, history suggests that between a quarter and half of all people who get Marburg die from it; there is a 90 percent mortality rate among those who contract Ebola.

Symptoms of the two diseases are very similar. Both begin with the sort of muscle pain, fever, headaches, and nausea that you might see in response to any viral infection. About five days later, a rash appears on the chest and back, and the victim's face may appear vacant and expressionless, as the virus begins to affect…

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