You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It's a mindset - Dave Pelzer


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The way we think about cancer is outdated. Here’s how to change that

When Susan Thornton was 30, she noticed a flat red rash in a small band around her waist. It was itchy and terribly persistent. No cream or lotion made it go away.

One year and half a dozen dermatologists later, she was diagnosed with mycosis fungoides, a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that's often mistaken for eczema or psoriasis in its early stages.

Twenty-five years later, Thornton's cancer is still around. It persists mostly as a manageable rash, treated with a topical steroid. At certain points the disease has flared up, requiring more drastic treatments. By 1998, the cancer had progressed to tumors, with scaly, itchy splotches spreading all over her body. It took…

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 The way we think about cancer is outdated. Here’s how to change that

Many people have a simple narrative in mind when they think about cancer. Doctors discover a lump and treat it with surgery or radiation. Then one of two outcomes follows: complete remission or death. But this couldn't be further from the reality of many cancer patients.

6 Sneaky Cancer Culprits

Health threats can come in many disguises. We pull the masks off six that are hiding in plain sight.

Right To Try

Right to Try gives life-saving hope back to those who’ve lost it.


The world’s largest social network for cancer patients, caregivers, and professionals.


Here, women and men who are living with cancer or have completed treatment and are cancer-free share their stories of survival, from initial diagnosis and treatment to recovery and the ways that cancer has transformed their lives.

I Had Cancer

Our mission is to empower anyone who has been affected by cancer. Whether you are a fighter, survivor or supporter/caregiver, you can find the support and answers you need from people who have experienced similar situations.

All About Cancer

More and more people in Finland are getting cancer, but people are increasingly recovering from the disease. The All About Cancer website provides reliable and useful information, advice and peer support.

Cancer Advice

The Cancer Advice website is designed to inform the intelligent layman concerning the present state of knowledge of particular cancers and to highlight modern aspects of therapy.

Cancer and Careers

Cancer and Careers is committed to changing the face of cancer in the workplace by providing a comprehensive website, free publications, and a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer.

Cancer Hawk

At the CancerHawk Foundation, our mission is to make the services, products and expertise needed to fight cancer sharply visible to patients and caregivers.

Cancer Health

Cancer Health empowers people living with cancer to actively manage and advocate for their care and improve their overall health. Launched in 2017, the website provides accessible information about treatment and quality of life for people with cancer and their loved ones, as well as information about cancer prevention and health policy for a general readership.

Cancer Hope Network

Cancer Hope Network is a not-for-profit organization that provides free and confidential one-on-one support to cancer patients and their families. We provide that support by matching cancer patients and/or family members with trained volunteers who have themselves undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience.

Cancer Index

The Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer family of Web sites, established 1996, now with over a thousand pages.

Cancer Options

The Cancer Options team are committed to helping their clients make confident, informed decisions about their cancer care.

Cancer Schmancer Movement

Founded by actress and uterine cancer survivor, Fran Drescher, Cancer Schmancer is dedicated to saving lives through prevention & early detection of cancer. Did you know when cancer is found early, 90% SURVIVE?

Cancer Support Community

To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

Cancer Tutor

While this website has articles for recently diagnosed cancer patients, the main focus of this website is on identifying the very small number of the 300+ alternative cancer treatments which are strong enough to deal with the disastrous condition of cancer patients who have had extensive orthodox treatments.


The best cancer care starts with the best cancer information. With more than 30,000 members who are leaders in advancing cancer care, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the voice of the world’s cancer physicians. ASCO’s patient information website -- Cancer.Net ( -- brings the expertise and resources of ASCO to people living with cancer and those who care for and care about them. Well-informed patients are their own best advocates and invaluable partners for physicians.

Get help making treatment decisions, understanding the effects of treatment, finding treatment centers and doctors, coping with side effects, and talking with others.


CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer.


An online cancer community committed to offering people living with cancer a home. Within, you will find people like you; people, searching for clear cancer information; people, sharing knowledge; people, connected by a common experience.


I strongly believe, and indeed I know from personal experience, that information can save your life. This page is dedicated to helping cancer patients find the best treatment for their disease by finding, and understanding, the best and latest information on their disease.


Working to improve the quality and value of care for all patients, CancerLinQ® connects cancer care team members, researchers and sponsors with real-world cancer data. is the leader in cancer second opinions. We are a network of elite cancer specialists hand-picked from across the United States to deliver expert cancer guidance to cancer patients who otherwise would not have access to this level of expert care.


CancerWise is an online newsletter published monthly by The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Each issue includes a cancer survivor''s story, related Q&A with M. D. Anderson experts, the latest reports on cancer treatment and research and tips for cancer survivorship and prevention.


CARES was created to promote cancer awareness while raising significant funds for cancer research.

Clinical Care Options Oncology

Comprehensive website for health care professionals.


CURE is a quarterly magazine with an annual Resource Guide and special issue, that combines the science and humanity of cancer for those who have to deal with it on a daily basis.


ecancer is the leading oncology channel committed to improving cancer communication and education with the goal of optimising patient care and outcomes. By using the latest technologies ecancer works closely with leading figures in oncology to inform and educate the global cancer community.

Fighting Chance

Fighting Chance is the first free-of-charge cancer counseling and resource center of its kind established on the East End of Long Island, New York. We are independent from any hospital and funded solely by charitable contributions.


Accelerating the fight against cancer requires the entire industry to work together. Our products connect community oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a shared technology platform. Together, we can learn from the experience of every patient.

Know Cancer

A Cancer Social Network & Resource Hub.

Kure It

Kure It’s goal is to be the leader in granting funds to kidney and other cancer researchers conducting innovative research projects to better treat and ultimately cure kidney and other orphan cancers.


At the LiveStrong Foundation, we unite people to fight cancer believing that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything.


OncoLink was founded in 1994 by Penn cancer specialists with a mission to help cancer patients, families, health care professionals and the general public get accurate cancer-related information at no charge.

Smart Patients

Smart Patients is an online community where cancer patients and caregivers learn from each other about treatments, clinical trials, the latest science, and how it all fits into the context of their experience.

Stand Up To Cancer

Working with the top experts in cancer research, Stand Up To Cancer is forging a new way to develop breakthroughs that will end cancer. We're putting together the best and the brightest minds in cancer research those on the edge of accomplishment, investing in their projects and taking the bureaucratic obstacles out of their way.

Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer is a non-profit organization that empowers young adults affected by cancer through innovative and award-winning programs and services. We are the nation's premier patient advocate for this underserved population and serve as a bullhorn for the young adult cancer movement.

The Cancer Forums

A website for discussions about any type of cancer, including lung cancer, breast cancer, mesothelioma, prostate cancer, laryngeal cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and others

The Cancer Letter

The Cancer Letter, published weekly since its founding, keeps clinical and academic oncologists, cancer researchers, and patient advocates current with government grant opportunities and research plans, industry news, and advocacy activities.

Think Before You Pink

Think Before You Pink, a project of Breast Cancer Action, launched in 2002 in response to the growing concern about the overwhelming number of pink ribbon products and promotions on the market. The campaign calls for more transparency and accountability by companies that take part in breast cancer fundraising, and encourages consumers to ask critical questions about pink ribbon promotions.

Walk with Sally

Our mission is to provide mentoring support programs and services to children of parents with cancer - one child at a time, one heart at a time.


If you have a connection to cancer, welcome to the place where you can share your real-life experiences -- fears, insights, stories and advice.


WomenCARE is directed and led primarily by women with cancer or a cancer history. We respect and depend upon the wisdom that comes from a diversity of cultures, economic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, and physical ability levels.

YOUR Cancer

YOUR Cancer spotlights the many individuals and organizations at the forefront of cancer care. It brings together patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, researchers, healthcare providers, policymakers and everyone working to transform cancer care from one person’s disease into a true community effort.

A Fresh View of Cancer

You have reached this web site while gathering information on cancer. Either you or your beloved contracted this disease, and you search for new developments which might help.

American Institute for Cancer Research

30 years ago, the American Institute for Cancer Research was founded on a simple but radical idea: everyday choices can reduce our chances of getting cancer. We were the first organization to focus research on the link between diet and cancer and translate the results into practical information for the public. AICR embraced the mission of changing lives to save lives.

Asian American Cancer Support Network

Asian American Cancer Support Network seeks to become a community resource network for Asian Americans affected by cancer in the Bay Area through social programs and creative fundraising.

Cancer Australia

Cancer Australia was established by the Australian Government in 2006 to benefit all Australians affected by cancer, and their families and carers. Cancer Australia works to reduce the impact of cancer and improve the well-being of those diagnosed by ensuring that evidence informs cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care.

Cancer Council

The Cancer Council is the leading cancer charity in NSW. The organisation has been the focus of public action, public giving, and public communication about cancer for more than 50 years.

Cancer Research UK

We fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. We also provide cancer information to the public.


This cancernet-UK website describes the management of cancer, its therapies, their side effects and tips how to cope with them. Patients themselves have included topics, practical tips and tools they have found helpful during their cancer journey.

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

The aims of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) are to develop, conduct, coordinate, and stimulate translational and clinical research in Europe to improve the management of cancer and related problems by increasing survival but also patient quality of life.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. We provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care. Cancer affects us all. We can all help. We are Macmillan.

National Cancer Institute

From the National Cancer Institute, an alpha A to Z list of cancers.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

The oldest survivor-led cancer advocacy organization in the country, advocating for quality cancer care for all Americans and empowering cancer survivors.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

As the arbiter of high-quality cancer care, NCCN promotes the importance of continuous quality improvement and recognizes the significance of creating clinical practice guidelines appropriate for use by patients, clinicians, and other health care decision-makers.

The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation

The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation is committed to providing superior, compassionate and state-of-the-art medical care to our patients. We offer programs to help our patients and families cope with the challenges that are brought on by cancer and strive to optimize their quality of life.

Vital Options International

Vital Options International is a not-for-profit cancer communications, support, and advocacy organization with a mission, to facilitate a global cancer dialogue.

World Oncology Network

WON is a worldwide network of communications among physicians and nurses practicing Hematology/Oncology.


As a leader in nationwide efforts to ease the burden of cancer, CDC works with national cancer organizations, state health agencies, and other key groups to develop, implement, and promote effective strategies for preventing and controlling cancer.

Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine is leading a transformation in cancer care, where each patient’s treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the molecular changes that contribute to their disease.

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