Polycythemia vera

Be your own best advocate. I refuse to watch and wait - Heidi Cascarano

Polycythemia vera

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Heidi’s MPN Story – An Increasing Trend in Patient Advocacy


What other cancer, in the 21st century, is so misunderstood that your local doctor will struggle to diagnose you, possibly tell you he has a few other patients with it, then advise you to do nothing but get a therapeutic phlebotomy and take a baby aspirin? You get online to learn that you (supposedly) have a few years to live, but your doctor tells you that you are fine – people can live decades with Polycythemia Vera, and probably have a pretty normal life. Well, that was my experience.

I will not forget how much it scared me. I was diagnosed in 2008, at 40 years old.  It just happened to be the same week I lost my health insurance.  I was…

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