Endocrine Cancer

I'm going to beat this cancer or die trying - Michael Landon

Endocrine Cancer

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Lyn’s poem about being a NET

What does it mean to you…

… the Nurse Practitioner who shrugged her shoulders when I begged her for help?

… the consultant who prescribed me anti-depressants?

… the consultant who advised me to drink mint tea, eat yogurt and stay away from vegetables?

What does it mean to you, the technician who laughed as he did my scan, again, … ‘that’ll do’ he said. But was it clear enough?

What does it mean to you…

the locum GP, the newly posted GP, the nearly-ready-to-retire GP, when faced with a tearful female who is complaining, yet again, of having a sore stomach?

”… she’s been told it’s mild gastritis and acid reflux for God’s sake!…

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