Kidney Cancer

So what do I do now? What do any of us do? We keep moving ahead, we keep reaching high, and above all, we do not waste our lives. There isn’t much time for tears when there is so much life to live - Justin Hienz

Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer

image by: Kidney Research UK

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Lessons From Behind the Curtain

The radiology tech waved me into his cozy dark room filled with bright screens. It’s usually off-limits to patients, but maybe he knew I was a local doctor and faculty member at Harvard Medical School, which can occasionally get me a backstage pass. With a smirk, he told me I should eat something, pointing at the air in my stomach on the X-rays he had taken moments earlier.

I’d had surgery to remove three metastatic tumors from my lungs just hours before, and every breath ended with a wince. Food was not on my mind, but the tech had made me smile — air in the stomach usually signals that the patient needs to burp, not hunger. I began thinking about the potential for a case…

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 Lessons From Behind the Curtain

Listening to the experience of my roommate in the cancer ward was like a kind of sonar, an echo bouncing back to me from my own future path, hinting at what’s to come.


The Kidney Cancer Research Alliance (KCCure) is a grassroots organization of patients, caregivers, doctors and medical researchers dedicated to eliminating suffering and death due to kidney cancer through increased funding to accelerate research that will lead to a cure for all patients and prevent future kidney cancer diagnoses.

Kidney Cancer Support Network

We are the UK’s largest and most active patient-led kidney cancer charity. Whether you are a patient, survivor or someone you know has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, you have come to the right place to find support and information, and to be part of a caring and knowledgeable community of people: We are here to help you.

Kure It

Kure It’s goal is to be the leader in granting funds to kidney and other cancer researchers conducting innovative research projects to better treat and ultimately cure kidney and other orphan cancers.

The Kidney Cancer Chronicles

This blog is written by Chris and Dena Battle. It was established to keep our family and friends up to date about my health. As more individuals have visited the site – friends literally from around the world and many of whom I’ve never met but are fighting this same disease – we decided that the blog could be something more. It could be a place where we could share our experiences – what wisdom we’ve gained, what mistakes we’ve made – with others who are undergoing this same struggle.

Kidney Cancer Association

We educate families and physicians, and serve as an advocate on behalf of patients at the state and federal levels.

Kidney Cancer Journal

Launched in 2003, the Kidney Cancer Journal serves as the most comprehensive, peer-reviewed resource of information for physicians on the diagnosis and treatment of renal cell carcinoma and all of its tumor types.


Absorbing the news of a cancer diagnosis and communicating with your doctor are key parts of the coping process. Seeking support, becoming organized, and considering a second opinion are other steps. Take care of yourself during this time. Understanding your emotions and those of people close to you can be helpful in managing the diagnosis, treatment, and healing process.


Kidney cancer develops most often in people over 40, but no one knows the exact causes of this disease.

National Cancer Institute

Information about kidney cancer treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy

Urology Care Foundation

It is important to realize that with timely diagnosis and treatment, kidney cancer can be cured. If found early, the survival rate for patients with kidney cancer ranges from 79 to 100 percent.

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