There are so many people who are touched by this disease but there’s a tremendous community with experiences that can—and do—collectively make a difference - Your Cancer


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We have achieved another a significant milestone in my journey, as I have surpassed my 30th year of being a cancer survivor. I’d like to share with you my history. At the age of 22, just one week after receiving my diploma from college, I discovered I had Hodgkin’s disease, a lymphatic cancer. My next-door neighbor, Dr. Jack Monson, did my biopsy and had to share this horrific news. He was as devastated as I was; I think we were both in shock. The following years for my family were harrowing, as my parents and brother didn’t know if I would live or die.

Before the doctors could figure out my course of treatment, I had to go through a myriad of tests and a surgery. The operation was…

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