Continuous Glucose Monitoring

It goes without saying an accurate non-invasive (optical) glucose measurement would have a stunning impact on improving diabetic’s lives and reducing the World’s healthcare costs - Allan Stephan

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

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My hiking shoes were just laced up when there was a frantic vibrating in my pocket. I reached inside, took out the iPod-sized medical device and checked the screen. Up at the top, where my blood glucose would normally read, was a series of glowing question marks. Great.

It had been over a week since I’d inserted my last continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor and it had started acting up earlier that morning, with missed readings. Each of these disposable sensors lasts for about a week, transmitting the number representing my blood sugar level in real time to a small handheld receiver. It figured that just as I was about to head out on a Saturday morning hike with my husband and…

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