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I learned why they're called wonder drugs -- you wonder what they'll do to you - Harlan Miller

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Should You Drug Your Way to a Better Life?

As medical science advances, the development of new drugs, along with increased understanding of oldies but goodies, "just say 'no'" will become ever more dubious advice. But what answers can we find in the world of drugs?

Let's be frank. Even if you feel Ronald Reagan was history's greatest president, "Just Say No," a bit of drug-war propaganda coined by his wife, was sheer idiocy. Sure, some drugs are damn bad for you, but valuating all drugs based on the government's unscientific designations is as ludicrous as imagining that the best way to keep kids from messing with stuff that might do them harm is as simple as providing them with a three-word phrase.

The on-the-ground…

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