Adverse Drug Events

Did you know that the majority of FDA approved drugs have serious potential side effects that were not detected before marketing approval - Leo Galland MD

Adverse Drug Events

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Working together to prevent adverse drug events

In clinical practice, adverse drug events are often not documented in medical records, and not communicated between care providers and across healthcare sectors electronically. Our health care system currently relies heavily on patients and families to communicate adverse drug event information among their care providers. If adverse drug event information is shared directly between health care providers, it is largely communicated using paper, fax or phone. As a result, information often falls through the cracks, and care providers may unintentionally re-expose patients to culprit medications; medications that previously caused clinically significant adverse drug events or were previously…

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 Working together to prevent adverse drug events

Adverse drug events, the harmful and unintended consequences of medication use, are a leading cause of unplanned hospital admissions, and rank between the 4th and 6th cause of death in North America.

Action ADE

Working together to prevent adverse drug events. ActionADE is a research project focused on preventing the "adverse drug events" (ADEs) that happen when medications have harmful and unintended consequences. The ActionADE project is part of our larger Adverse Drug Event Research Program.


Although antibiotics are good drugs for certain types of infections, they are also one of the types of medicines that cause the most emergency visits for adverse drug events.

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