It's the Jekyll and Hyde of recreational drugs: Take the right dose and its euphoric; take a milligram too much and it becomes deadly - Max Daly


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The comeback and dangers of the drug GHB

A highly potent drug called GHB is making a comeback in nightlife scenes, along with overdoses and even death. On Jan. 23, 2018, “Storm Chaser” star Joel Taylor died on a cruise ship. Celebrity news site TMZ reported that Taylor may have used GHB in the hours before his death.

GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyrate, has been referred to as a “date rape drug” by the media for decades, as it has been involved in instances of sexual predators spiking unsuspecting womens’ drinks to take advantage of them while unconscious. However, much of the public is unaware that most of use of this highly potent drug is actually intentional.

I am a public health researcher who studies party…

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 The comeback and dangers of the drug GHB

I am a public health researcher who studies party drug use in the nightclub scene. I have learned a great deal through my research and through what I have witnessed firsthand in my years in this scene. Use of this drug largely disappeared from the scene, but it appears to be emerging again in popularity.

Project GHB

Project GHB is a source of vital communication as more & more information about GHB comes to light.


GHB (gammahydroxybutrate) and GBL (gammabutyrolactone), are closely related, dangerous drugs with similar sedative and anaesthetic effects. GBL is converted to GHB shortly after entering the body. Both produce a feeling of euphoria and can reduce inhibitions and cause sleepiness. But both can kill and are particularly dangerous when used with alcohol and other depressant or sedative substances.

Neuroscience for Kids

GHB, like alcohol, is a central nervous system depressant that takes only minutes to make a user lose control, forget what is happening, or lose consciousness.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

GHB users risk many negative physical effects including vomiting, liver failure, potentially fatal respiratory problems, and tremors and seizures, which can result in comas.

The Vaults of Erowid

GHB use can be extremely dangerous. GHB normally tastes very salty and most like baking soda. Improperly manufactured GHB can also contain contaminants which may be toxic and add a slightly more 'chemical' or 'caustic' flavor to the material.

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