Drug Decriminalization

This is an alternative that does get people off the streets, reduces the rates of H.I.V. infection, and lowers crime. It is humanistic but also pragmatic - Miguel Vasconcelos, chief psychiatrist, Taipas treatment center, Lisbon

Drug Decriminalization
Drug Decriminalization

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Why we should de-criminalize all drugs

Across the political spectrum, politicians, law enforcement officials and even many activists are surprisingly united in the belief that addiction is a disease. We need to reduce associated stigma, they intone; “we can’t arrest our way out” of the drug problem...

If we really want to treat addiction like the medical problem it so clearly is, we can’t use the criminal justice system to arrest people for showing symptoms of it. If you want to fight stigma, you’ve got to first fight criminalization and reform the coercive and demeaning addiction treatment system that has been warped by it.

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 Why we should de-criminalize all drugs

It’s impossible to remove the stigma of addiction while drug use remains illegal – the two concepts are completely at odds with one another.

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