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When Should You Worry About a Nosebleed?

Everyone has had a nosebleed at one time or another. So, what's the best way to deal with this bloody issue...

Tip# 1: Don’t Panic - despite the horror-movie appearance of the scene, nosebleeds are rarely a dangerous thing.

Tip# 2: Blow your nose - this doesn’t seem to make sense, but often the presence of clots in the nose prolong the bleeding. Blowing out the clots won’t make the nose bleed more, but less. Trust me on this one.

Tip# 3: Use a decongestant nasal spray - if you have neo-synephrine or Afrin nasal spray, a spray of that will cause the blood vessels to shrink and stop bleeding.

Tip# 4: Hold the nose - pinch the nose closed just below the…

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