While many patients downplay rhinitis symptoms as an inconvenience rather than a disease, the economic burden is quite significant - Nguyen P Tran


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All you need to know about “Sensitive Nose” (Rhinitis)

Rhinitis is the medical term for “Sensitive Nose”. It refers to inflammation of the nasal cavity. Rhinitis is a common condition, affecting almost 10% to 30% of the population worldwide. Some people may trivialise the significance of Rhinitis but numerous studies have shown that it has significant socioeconomic cost, adversely affects quality of life of the patients, work productivity and may worsen symptoms in patients with Asthma. In fact, Asthma and Rhinitis often co-exist, with approximately 80% of patients with Asthma suffering from Rhinitis and about 20-50% of patients with Rhinitis have concomitant Asthma.

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