Hormones get no respect. We think of them as the elusive chemicals that make us a bit moody, but these magical little molecules do so much more - Susannah Cahalan


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Stop Calling Women Hormonal

My son Jack was born in London a month before his due date. The pediatrician said he was fine and we could go home.

A few minutes later another doctor came in and asked to draw blood to try to figure out why Jack was premature. I refused, because we had already been given the go-ahead to leave. I heard the doctor tell the nurses to mark in my medical record, “Mother refuses treatment for her son.”

“I’m not refusing treatment! I’m refusing a needless test!” I said from my bed.

To which she mumbled, “Write down, ‘Mother is hormonal.’”

And so began my rant. I stormed out of my room, dressed only in my husband’s white T-shirt and nestling my 12-hour-old son to my…

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 Stop Calling Women Hormonal

The ebb and flow of hormones shape all of us — men and women — physically and emotionally, from before birth to death.

8 Things Every Hormone Doctor Wants You To Know

Simply put, "we're hormone doctors," says Marilyn Tan, MD, an endocrinologist at Stanford Health Care. "The three most common diagnoses we make are thyroid problems, diabetes, and osteoporosis," she says.

Hormone Health Network

Health tools for patients and caregivers, provided by the Endocrine Society.


This site is dedicated to providing reliable information for those who want to be informed about their bodies and the hormonal system that affects us all. Men and women, children and teens are affected by hormones. Hormones are amazing components of our bodies and when in the right balance help our physical and mental health function properly. Hormones are important and necessary for growth and health.

Tribe Medicine

Through one-on-one consults and our digital platform, Womanhood Wellness™ we are committed to supporting women through the changing seasons of womanhood including period and hormonal imbalances, birth control support, low libido, and fertility and preconception.

You and Your Hormones

You & Your Hormones is an education resource developed and managed by the Society for Endocrinology.

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