Cortisol is a normal essential hormone. You cannot live without cortisol - Susan Spratt MD


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A Lot of What You’ve Heard About Cortisol Is Wrong

Chatter about the stress hormone has surged. Doctors say patients are bringing it up more often... Wellness influencers warn about having too much cortisol or too little, and some promote supplements that claim to help. So what’s the deal with cortisol? And why are people obsessed now? Endocrinologists say many myths abound. Most people don’t need to be concerned about their cortisol levels or so-called “adrenal fatigue,” they say. And cortisol, which doctors typically measure with saliva, urine or blood tests, isn’t innately bad. Cortisol levels that stay elevated for too long can be a problem, but the hormone itself is essential.

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 A Lot of What You’ve Heard About Cortisol Is Wrong

The stress hormone isn’t all bad. Here’s what to know about your cortisol levels.

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