When people hear ‘prolactin’ they immediately think, ‘wait, isn’t that the milk-production hormone?’ It is, but it actually does much more than that; it’s involved in more than 300 physiological processes - Liad Hollender


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Become a prolactin pro: learn all about the milk hormone

Prolactin (also known as PRL) isn't a word you'd necessarily come across in casual conversation, but it's actually super important when you're talking and thinking about fertility. If you've never heard of prolactin, have no fear!...

We say prolactin, you say... what?

Prolactin is the ‘milk hormone,’ responsible for breast milk production, also known as lactation. (Fun fact: "lact" means "milk," it's from the Latin, lactare - "to suckle." Prolactin literally promotes the making of milk.) But prolactin is no one trick pony - besides lactation, there are actually more than 300 functions that prolactin impacts, including reproductive, metabolic, regulation of…

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