Unlike typical hormones, prostaglandins are not made by glands and then released into the bloodstream. They are made in multiple different tissues and exert their effects locally. They have potent effects, but are short-lived and quickly cleared from the body - Aleksa Ristic


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Celebrating Prostaglandins and Inflammation

When I hear the term “arachidonic acid” I must admit that I have always thought of spiders. My mind quickly corrects itself, and I remember that arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, one that we require for its various functions in the brain, muscles, and liver, primarily for the pliable nature of our cell walls and for important signaling to modulate inflammation. But I also know it’s maligned in many viewpoints, so I was eager to hear it all laid out and clarified by Chris Masterjohn.

At the Weston A. Price Foundation(link is external) annual conference in Anaheim last weekend (November 13, 2015), Masterjohn discussed the role of arachidonic acid…

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