Serotonin was supposed to be our friend. Though often referred to by science blogs as the "happiness hormone," in recent years, serotonin's role in making us happy has come into question - Mike Pearl


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Treating depression takes much more than serotonin

On the internet, in newspapers, and in casual conversation, the brain can sound like an amusement park: reward centers “light up,” dopamine “floods” our system, we experience an “adrenaline rush.” In this simple world, depression is no longer a mysterious, devastating specter: it’s nothing more than a shortage of serotonin, the brain’s “happy chemical.” Unfortunately for those who suffer from depression, however, the truth is not nearly as straightforward as the internet might lead us to believe.

Serotonin's association with happiness and depression recovery is so well known that the molecule has become lucrative. On Etsy, one may browse nearly 2,000 serotonin-themed necklaces, earrings,…

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Last Updated : Monday, March 8, 2021