After so many years, it would be lovely to finally see better guideline uptake in support of antibiotic stewardship for mild diverticulitis. It certainly seems consistent across all the various trials and cohorts by multiple groups across the world, now, there is minimal, if any, additive benefit – or, at the least, the harms from antibiotic use are similar to those whose diverticulitis progresses left untreated - Ryan Radecki


image by: Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey

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Doctors Rethink the Cause—and Treatment—of Diverticular Disease

Diverticular disease is one of the most common and yet puzzling conditions that come with middle age. Even the terminology can be confusing: Diverticulosis refers to small pouches that develop in the wall of the colon; diverticulitis is the serious complication when those pouches become inflamed or infected.

New evidence has upended much of what doctors once thought about diverticular disease, from what causes it to why some patients are more likely to progress to diverticulitis, and how aggressively to treat them when they do.

“We are only beginning to understand why people get diverticulosis or diverticulitis, and many guidelines have been based on dated hypotheses and low-quality…

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