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The Power of Simple Life Changes to Prevent Heart Disease

Billions of dollars are spent every year on medications that reduce the risk of heart disease — the No. 1 killer in the United States.

But some people feel powerless to prevent it: Many of the risk factors seem baked into the cake at birth. Genetic factors can have a huge impact on people’s chances of dying of heart disease, and it has long been thought that those factors are almost always outside of one’s control.

Recent research contradicts this, though, and that should give us all renewed hope.

Since the 1930s, we’ve recognized that heart disease runs in families. For the last decade, we’ve been able to identify specific genes that are linked to coronary artery disease.…

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 The Power of Simple Life Changes to Prevent Heart Disease

It’s important to acknowledge that these lifestyle recommendations are even less constrictive than those I’ve discussed in the past. You need only be a current nonsmoker; past smoking doesn’t exclude you. You can also be overweight, just not obese. And in contrast with most physical activity recommendations, it requires only once-a-week exercise, not the 30 minutes for five days that most professional organizations like the American Heart Association endorse.

4 Ways In Which AI Is Revolutionizing Cardiac Care

Although AI research is still in its infancy, these early studies already establish how AI is set to revolutionize cardiac care. This is particularly relevant today as cardiovascular diseases are still the number one killer in the world, resulting in 31% of all global deaths, and is also the most expensive condition to treat.

Life's Simple 7

My Life Check® was designed by the American Heart Association with the goal of improved health by educating the public on how best to live. These measures have one unique thing in common: any person can make these changes, the steps are not expensive to take and even modest improvements to your health will make a big difference. Start with one or two. This simple, seven step list has been developed to deliver on the hope we all have--to live a long, productive healthy life.

Six unusual signs that you may have heart disease

Although you can’t see your heart beating in your chest – not without specialist imaging technology, at least – there are visible, external signs that can indicate if something is wrong with your heart, before you suffer from a life-changing – or ending – “cardiovascular event”.

Thousands of heart patients get stents that may do more harm than good

Stents are commonly used for stable chest pain — but the devices may not be helping.

4 Ways In Which AI Is Revolutionizing Cardiac Care

The biggest impact of AI in cardiac care will be in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases. Typical diagnostic pathways involve three stages. The first stage is measuring an electrocardiogram (ECG) at rest. Anomalies in this stage results in a combination of semi-invasive tests such as ECG stress test, stress echocardiography, and chest CT scan. Anomalies in this tests lead an invasive angiography. Researchers and companies, are already using AI to predict the anomalies quickly, cheaply and accurately without using the third invasive step.

6 Surprising Heart Disease Signs You Need To Know

Before a heart attack happens, get to know the subtle signs that indicate an increased risk of heart disease.

Five foods to improve your heart health—and two to absolutely avoid

If it feels hard to keep up with nutritional advice, don't worry—cardiologists are here to help.

Go Red for Women

A long-time champion for women’s heart health, the American Heart Association has devoted a blog to its national Go Red for Women advocacy campaign. Community, education, and compassion are essential to this campaign and to the improvement of women’s health, and this blog is a reader-input star...Healthline

Seconds Count

SCAI hosts this website as part of a public education initiative designed to inform patients and their families about cardiovascular disease.

Cardiac Health

I am Dr Tryzelaar and a retired cardio thoracic surgeon. After a life-long career in the treatment of heart diseases, I created this web site to help you with your cardiac disease questions.


Welcome to CardioSmart, the patient education and empowerment initiative brought to you by the American College of Cardiology. Our mission is to help individuals prevent, treat and manage cardiovascular disease.

Harvard Heart Letter

The Harvard Heart Letter is your trustworthy source of heart health information. It will put you in closer touch with everything that''s happening right now in the frontiers of cardiac medicine. With every issue the focus is on the latest medical advances that can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Health eHeart

Real data from people like you can help doctors predict and prevent heart disease. Now it's easy to contribute information that will help the effort to save millions of lives.

Healthy Heart Guide

Why do you need to keep a healthy heart? Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in men and women, greater than the next five causes of death combined!


Heart (formerly British Heart Journal) is an international peer review journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Topics covered include coronary disease, electrophysiology, valve disease, imaging techniques, congenital heart disease (fetal, paediatric and adult), heart failure, surgery, and basic science.

Heart & Stroke

We have the passion and courage to explore, through scientific excellence and innovation, ways to protect the health of all Canadians, old and young – in communities across the nation.

Heart Foundation

We're Australia's leading heart health charity. Join our Facebook community for information and inspiration about healthy eating and active living.

Heart Matters

More than a magazine: information, inspiration and support.

Heart Point

HeartPoint has been created by medical professionals to provide patients with a source of credible information about heart disease. Having any type of disorder of the heart can be scary- we're here so that you understand your heart, and how to take care of it with the best graphic and written explanations we can muster.

Heart Research UK

We fund pioneering medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

Heart Sisters

All about women and heart disease -our #1 killer - from the unique perspective of a Mayo Clinic-trained heart attack survivor and patient advocate from Canada.


A Body1 health site - great information. real community. better living.


Heart discussion forum.


This web site was designed to provide information to patients who are being evaluated and treated for a heart-related complaint. All contents are reviewed by physicians to ensure accuracy. Our objective is to educate.


Welcome to Megaheart.com The original and still the leading no-salt, low-sodium information and recipe Web site.


CRY’s myheart network provides personalised help, support, and information to individuals who have been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening inherited or congenital cardiac condition. myheart is developing strategies and reduce social isolation.


At MyHeart.net, we would like to be your home for all things cardiac. Whether you are struggling with heart disease yourself or simply trying to avoid it, our goal is to provide high quality information and services to you daily.

The Heart Truth

The Heart Truth is a national public health education campaign to raise awareness that heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death for women in Canada.

Women's Heart Foundation

The Women's Heart Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to prevention, survival and quality of life. WHF accomplishes its mission through education, advocacy and instituting prevention projects. WHF conducts outcomes research and provides free continuing medical education as part of The Gender Care Initiative® to promote excellence of care of women.


Edwards Lifesciences is the international leader in providing innovative and effective heart valve products for cardiovascular patients. We are proud to have the opportunity to share these life-saving and life-improving technologies with you.


CardioValens.com, an Internet Portal on Cardiology, provides latest information and education for Cardiologists and Patients/Consumers under two separate websites respectively. It caters to the needs of Healthcare Professionals, especially Cardiologists, Physicians, Medical Students, Patients/Consumers and other related Healthcare Professionals.

Cardiovascular Business

Comprehensive site covering the business side of heart care.

Cardiovascular Pathology Index

This popular web resource includes over 1900 images along with text, tutorials, laboratory exercises, and examination items for self-assessment that demonstrate gross and microscopic pathologic findings associated with human disease conditions.

Children's Heart Institute

The Children's Heart Institute is pediatric cardiology facilities that provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with or are suspected of having heart disease.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

The NHLBI plans and directs research in development and evaluation of interventions and devices related to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients suffering from such diseases and disorders. It also supports research on clinical use of blood and all aspects of the management of blood resources. Research is conducted in the Institute's own laboratories and by scientific institutions and individuals supported by research grants and contracts.

Pediatric Heart Encyclopedia

Experts at Cincinnati Children's developed the Heart Encyclopedia to provide information about cardiac diseases, defects, disorders and problems that may affect a child's heart. The Heart Encyclopedia also provides information about options available to diagnose and treat children's heart conditions and anomalies.

Texan Heart Institute

Welcome to the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital website. In keeping with our mission to reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease, we are pleased to provide a wealth of reliable information.


CDC's Mission is "to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability."

Cleveland Clinic

Find information on diseases, conditions, treatments and procedures as well as related diagnostics and testing, medications and devices.


The HealthCentral Network, Inc. has a collection of owned and operated Web sites and multimedia affiliate properties providing timely, in-depth, trusted medical information, personalized tools and resources, and connections to a vast community of leading experts and patients for people seeking to manage and improve their health.

Healthy Directions

We are happy to announce that you can now find all Dr. Sinatra's supplements and health advice on the Healthy Directions website. Dr. Sinatra has been a part of the Healthy Directions family of doctors for over 25 years, and we are thrilled to bring you all the heart health solutions you need in one convenient site.

Martindale's The Virtual Medical Center

One of the world's most comprehensive cardio sites.


Heart disease news.

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