Women go about taking care of children and they're quick to tell their spouses and friends to run to the emergency room if they have chest pain, but they tend to downplay it if they feel it themselves - Jo Parrish


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The chest pain of angina comes in four flavours

There are four main types of angina pectoris women should know about, no matter how you pronounce it: ‘anj-EYE-nuh’ in Canada or Australia, or ‘AN-gin-uh’ in the U.S.

The chest pain called angina is not the same as a heart attack – but it can feel like one and can in fact lead to one. Here are the four types of angina you need to know:

  • Stable angina: Mayo Clinic cardiologists define this as any pain/discomfort between neck and navel that comes on with exertion and is relieved by rest. When you climb stairs, exercise or walk, your heart muscle demands more blood, but it’s harder for the muscle to get enough blood when your coronary arteries…

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Last Updated : Friday, June 18, 2021