Short QT Syndrome

Short QT Syndrome (SQTS) is a very rare heart disease. Most of the public has probably never heard about it and there are still a great number of physicians who have only limited knowledge about it - Preben Bjerregaard MD

Short QT Syndrome
Short QT Syndrome

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How To Diagnose Short QT Syndrome

The cornerstone in the diagnosis is a short QT interval, which, unfortunately, is difficult to define, and the QT interval can be difficult to measure and is not the same all the time. Before the discovery of Short QT Syndrome there was no universal agreement as to when a QT interval was short, and even though such an agreement still does not exist, approximate figures for the lower limit of a QT interval at a heart rate of 60 beats per minute are 360 milliseconds for men and 370 milliseconds for women.

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 How To Diagnose Short QT Syndrome

QTc intervals calculated from QT intervals at heart rates below 60 beats per minute are often falsely shorter than the actual QT interval at 60 beats per minute, which can lead to over-diagnosing of Short QT in people with a slow heart rate as seen for instance in younger male persons, who often have a slow pulse. If a person is under suspicion of having a Short QT Syndrome it is important to make several ECG recordings, often a 24-hour ambulatory ECG recording or recordings during physical activity can be helpful.

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