Brugada Syndrome

Brugada is rare but that does NOT mean it shouldn’t be discussed, taught, researched, or that it isn’t an issue because less people have it - Brugada Girl

Brugada Syndrome

image by: Jack Burapa

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Dead Man Walking

Does everyone know what dead man walking means? Its a saying referring to a person who is alive but its like they aren’t really here. Like they are already dead. Let me clarify, I don’t feel that way, but Doctors treat me that way. Not my EP of course because he is my friend and confidante in the world of Brugada. Also my primary Doctor is the absolute best you can find. She’s not afraid of me and listens to me. Pretty much, whoever was my Doctor before diagnosis stuck with me.

But to the rest of the medical field, I am a liability. I have noticed, since diagnosis, Doctors are very hesitant to treat me for fear of causing cardiac arrest. When they see me for the first time, and I go…

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