Viruses can incidentally affect the heart. They do so often enough that in the Western world, they are the most common cause of myocarditis - Ed Yong


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Harrowing Story of this Myocarditis Survivor

My myocarditis story begins like so many others. I came home from a weekend road trip to Canada. After I came home, I called a friend and had a short conversation with him. I started to draft a paper for school. I remember feeling somewhat excited to write this paper, because it was the last assignment that I had to do before my graduation from Law School.

I remember typing, and all of sudden, I had a partial out of body experience. I remember feeling as if one foot was still inside my body, while the other foot had left my body. I thought to myself, “This is really strange; I should probably go to bed.”

As I was sleeping, I started to feel ill.  I had no chest pains, but began…

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