Whether it is the first episode or a recurrence, pericarditis can be quite painful and incredibly scary. Patients report that, even if they know the cause, a recurrence still feels like a heart attack, compelling them to go to the emergency room for necessary treatment - The Heart of Inflammation


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He Thought He Just Had the Flu at First. Then His Heart Could Barely Pump

They weren’t looking for a diagnosis, the middle-aged woman explained. Her husband had a diagnosis. They just wanted help figuring out why, even with all the treatments he was getting, he wasn’t getting better.

Until a year and a half earlier, her 54-year-old husband had been perfectly healthy. Never missed a day of work, never took so much as an aspirin. Then he got what he thought was the flu. But even after the fever and congestion went away, the terrible body aches remained. He coughed constantly and felt so tired that just walking to the mailbox would leave him panting for air and shaking with fatigue.

Still, he went back to work. He enjoyed his job driving a locomotive…

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