Coronary Stents

We’re going to have a hell of a time putting the genie back in the bottle. It’s a $15-$20 billion industry. You have huge vested interests that are going to push you back - Dr. Salim Yusuf

Coronary Stents

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Which Heart Patients Need Stents? A New Study Stirs Debate

Nearly every day for the past month Roxana Mehran, an interventional cardiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, and her colleagues have been getting calls from patients wondering if their stents were really necessary.

Yes, the doctor assures them, they were prime candidates to receive a stent, a small device used to prop open clogged arteries in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Mehran, who is chair of the American College of Cardiology’s Interventional Council, says she told one such patient, “Don’t worry, I made sure with the physiology test. You were having three to four episodes of chest pain a week. You couldn’t walk two blocks.”


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