Imodium Abuse

They call it the poor man’s methadone - Catherine Saint Louis

Imodium Abuse
Imodium Abuse

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Addicts Who Can't Get Opioids Are Overdosing on a Diarrhea Drug


Opioid painkillers have an inconvenient, lesser-known side effect: terrible constipation.

Perhaps then it’s no surprise that people addicted to opioids have considered the converse. If a drug that gets you high causes constipation, could a drug that causes constipation get you high?

Yes, and that drug is another opioid called loperamide, better known by its brand name Imodium as an over-the-counter treatment for diarrhea. At extremely high doses—dozens or even hundreds of pills a day—it can produce a high or ease withdrawal symptoms. And in the middle of a national opioid epidemic, overdoses…

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 Addicts Who Can't Get Opioids Are Overdosing on a Diarrhea Drug

“We’ve had patients tell us they take 400 to 500 tablets day … They put it in a blender and make a smoothie and drink it over one or two hours.”


Why suffer when you can treat diarrhea and get on with your day? IMODIUM® products contain an active ingredient called Loperamide, which works to help restore your body’s natural rhythm so you can start to feel like yourself again.

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