Pain Management Clinics

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Pain Management Clinics

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Time to Change Pain Management Practices: The Need to Effectively Treat Chronic Pain Humanely

So once again it is about PAIN ! Chronic pain consumes you. It eats at your reserves both mentally and physically. Fighting pain all day is draining. You feel exhausted like you just had a fantastic workout and yet you haven't broken a sweat. Unless of course your pain level jumped or your pain medicine causes you to sweat, then you probably have.

 Let's talk about that for a minute. Pain level jumps. It sounds so harmless yet it sure as heck isn't. It could be anything. You twist or turn the wrong way. You try and bend down to pick something up. You reach for that can of favorite soup at the grocery store and bam you get hit with a flood of pain. You can go from a nice even 5 to an…

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