Pelvic Pain

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt - Erma Bombeck

Pelvic Pain

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Is Your Pelvic Pain Related to What You’re Eating?

If you have pelvic pain, getting a proper diagnosis is never as cut-and-dried as learning, say, that you have high blood pressure.

But unlike in the past—where women had to swear off sex and tight jeans to avoid pain—today more doctors are equipped to help you figure out what's wrong so you can get relief. What doctors now know: Chronic pelvic pain is rarely due to just one problem.

"Most women have three or more conditions, each of which adds to their overall discomfort," says Richard Marvel, MD, director of the Center for Pelvic Pain at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center and an assistant professor of gynecology and obstetrics at Johns Hopkins University…

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