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Stroke Study Sparks Call for Revamping Emergency Care Plan

Although neurologist Amie Hsia was hundreds of miles away from the emergency room team caring for her ailing aunt last February, she knew her symptoms and imaging pointed to a severe stroke. Hsia’s aunt needed treatment fast with a clot-busting medicine and a procedure known as an endovascular thrombectomy, which removes the clot and restores blood flow to oxygen-starved patches of the brain.

The hospital caring for her wasn’t equipped to perform the surgery, however, so Hsia insisted she be transferred to a nearby hospital, where the clot was removed from her brain. Hsia’s aunt survived and is able to live independently, despite some remaining symptoms from the stroke. Still, the…

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 Stroke Study Sparks Call for Revamping Emergency Care Plan

To some experts, the study is a call to rejigger the current method of determining where ambulances ought to take stroke patients, which is based solely on proximity. Instead, they say, patients with apparent severe strokes should be rushed to hospitals that perform thrombectomies.

Stroke Connection

Though strokes often have common effects, each one is also different. And each stroke survivor's journey is as unique as the individual themselves

After Stroke

After Stroke, a program of March of Dimes Canada, is MODC's new Canadian model of care to support stroke survivors and caregivers after a stroke.

Cochrane Stroke

The Cochrane Stroke Group is based in Edinburgh and has been part of Cochrane since August 1993. Cochrane is an international organisation that aims to help people make well-informed decisions about healthcare by 'preparing, maintaining, and promoting the accessibility of systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions'...

Different Strokes

Different Strokes is a registered charity providing a unique, free service to younger stroke survivors throughout the United Kingdom. Our services and the number of stroke survivors benefiting from them have grown dramatically. We are run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors, for active self help and mutual support.

Know Stroke

Welcome to the NINDS Know Stroke site where the NINDS offers a wide range of materials about stroke prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Man Dog Stroke

This blog is a kind of sequel to my book Man, Dog, Stroke. I’m the Man in the title. The blog is meant for anyone, of course, but may be of particular interest to those affected by stroke, whether stroke survivor or carer for a stroke survivor or a professional working with those affected by stroke.


Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question.

Stroke Awareness Foundation

Stroke Awareness Foundation improves community awareness of stroke and its treatment through advocacy, education and public awareness programs in the community.

Stroke Survivor

D.C. Paul survived a stroke at the young age of 36. In the years since, he has focused his positive energies on setting goals and following his dreams. He has published three books and speaks regularly.


Online stroke support and information resources.

The Internet Stroke Center

The Internet Stroke Center exists to advance understanding of stroke research and clinical care. Our goal is to provide current, professional, un-biased information about stroke. The information on this site is obtained from published accounts, meeting presentations, internet searches, and direct correspondence.

The Stroke Network

We provide on-line support to stroke survivors and stroke caregivers of adult stroke. Usually, a stroke caregiver or another member of the stroke family will seek out a web site looking for information about stroke after their loved one has just had one.

American Stroke Association

All the resources you need, now all in one place.

American Stroke Foundation

The vision of the American Stroke Foundation is to reach out to stroke survivors and their families across America and empower them to reclaim hope for life after stroke.

Brain Attack Coalition

Representing medical, scientific, advocacy, and government professionals from across the stroke continuum, the Brain Attack Coalition (BAC) is dedicated to setting direction, advancing knowledge, and communicating best practices to improve our ability to prevent and combat stroke.

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland aims to improve the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness through medical research, advice and information, and support in the community.

Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation

Study in the field of stroke rehabilitation is extensive and wide-ranging, owing largely to the complexity of the clinical presentation of the individual with stroke and the interdisciplinary nature of the practice of stroke rehabilitation. The Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation (EBRSR) is the most comprehensive and up-to-date review available examining both therapy-based and pharmacological interventions associated with stroke rehabilitation.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) conducts and supports research on brain and nervous system disorders.

National Stroke Association

National Stroke Association is the only national organization in the United States that focuses 100% of its efforts on stroke. National Stroke Association achieves its mission to lower the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling community outreach programs, calling for continued improvement in the quality of stroke patient care, and educating both healthcare professionals and the general public about stroke.

NIH Stroke Scale

Excellent resource for quick scoring of the NIH stroke scale.


You don’t have to be old to have a stroke. Anyone can have one. But some people are more at risk than others.

Stroke Association

The Stroke Association is the only UK wide charity solely concerned with combating stroke in people of all ages. It funds research into prevention, treatment and better methods of rehabilitation, and helps stroke patients and their families directly through its Rehabilitation and Support Services.

Stroke Association of Southern California

Stroke is caused by interruption of the flow of blood to the brain and is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disability in the United States. Stroke affects every aspect of meaningful life for survivors and families.

Stroke Foundation

The National Stroke Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the public, government, health professionals, patients, carers and stroke survivors to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community.

Stroke Foundation NZ

The Stroke Foundation provides information and support to people with a stroke, their family/whanau and caregivers. Our network of Field Officers and stroke support clubs assist the stroke-affected community. We also provide information through literature, videos and our helpline to the general public.

The Whole Brain Atlas

Atlas and structure of blood flow in the brain.


A stroke occurs either when the blood supply to part of the brain is blocked or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, causing damage to a part of the brain. A stroke is also sometimes called a brain attack.


The latest Stroke News articles published daily. Includes news on Ischemic Stroke, Brain Hemorrhage, neuroprotection, blood clots, preventative measures, risk factors, symptoms, treatments and current research.

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