Jet Lag

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Jet Lag
Jet Lag

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This App Could Be the Cure for Your Jet Lag

If you've ever taken a flight across multiple time zones, you know the feeling. If you travel often for work, it's probably one of your biggest enemies.

Ninety-three percent of travelers have experienced jet lag at some point, according to the American Sleep Association. It's marked by fatigue and disorientation; further symptoms can include nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, and mild depression. Not exactly the best formula for enjoying your vacation or being sharp for your business trip.

That's why Danish entrepreneurs Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Tony Hanna and Jacob Ravn founded Timeshifter, a company that makes an app aimed at mitigating the effects of jet lag. The startup…

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 This App Could Be the Cure for Your Jet Lag

A new app is helping travelers avoid the grogginess that's become a staple of flying cross-country or overseas.


Jet lag is history. Developed by world-renowned scientists. Based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience. Used by astronauts and elite athletes. With Timeshifter, you can create your own personalized jet lag plans and arrive at your best.


Based on 30 years of science, the Uplift app resyncs your body clock with a customized solution that takes about 5 minutes when you arrive in a new time zone.

Jet Lag Rooster

Reduce jet lag so you can enjoy your trip.

Sleep Cycle

A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

Jet lag advisor

Working in conjunction with the UK’s leading sleep expert, Dr. Chris Idzikowski, we have developed the ultimate jet lag advisor. By answering a few simple questions regarding your recent or planned flights, we can advise you on the best things to do to minimise your jet lag.


This is one of the most important aspects of combating jet lag. Before departing, make sure you have all your affairs, business and personal, in order.


We work with people who travel across time zones who want to be productive when they arrive at their destination. Jet lag can be a thing of the past by choosing the optimal time to start living on your destinations time and then correctly modifying the 4 major everyday influences on your body clock. Many of our customers are repeat customers who return to us because we addressed the specifics of their recent trips and successfully assisted them travel without experiencing jet lag.


Individual responses to crossing time zones and ability to adapt to the new time zone vary. Increasing age, crossing more time zones, or traveling eastward generally increase the time required for adaptation.


Jet lag, also called desynchronosis, is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of air travel across time zones.


Jet lag is a sleep disorder that occurs when the body's biological clock does not correspond to local time. This is common when travelling across different time zones.

When Did People Start Moving Fast Enough to Experience Jet Lag?

“Cures” for jet lag abound online. They range from the commonsensical—timing your light exposure and sleep patterns before you leave in order to ease the transition—to the quackish: taking Viagra or shining a light behind your knees. But there’s something a bit strange about the idea that jet lag is a “condition” to be cured rather than the inevitable disorientation resulting from zooming across the Earth at speeds exponentially greater than humans had ever experienced until a few decades ago. Jet lag may be “future shock” at its most tangible, but when did it first emerge as an affliction? At what point did people start moving fast enough that it became an issue?

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