Just remember the golden rule: thoroughly research the clinic and the location before you go - Mapping Megan


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The Most Popular Destinations For Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is booming, and people from all around the world have become accustomed to traveling overseas for medical care in another country. From plastic surgery to finding affordable donor eggs, an estimated 14-16 million worldwide travel abroad to receive less expensive or better care than in their home countries.

Much of the time it comes down to procedures being substantially cheaper overseas, or not being able to find the right treatment at home. And traveling to another country for treatment often means being able to avoid long waiting lists for elective procedures. Though some medical tourists are immigrants who return to their home country for care, and others travel…

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 The Most Popular Destinations For Medical Tourism

The following destinations are leaders within the industry of medical tourism, and we have included information about the procedures they are most popular for. Just remember the golden rule: thoroughly research the clinic and the location before you go!

Medical Tourism Review

Find Clinics and Hospitals providing treatments you are looking for anywhere, filter them by location and treatment they offer.

Med Journeys

At Med Journeys our focus is on tailoring our medical retreat packages to the specific needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring a rewarding outcome through a unique service model: providing high-quality, affordable medical services abroad coupled with a world-class escape thereafter.


MediBid is an online marketplace which is about quality, choice, and value. Many insurance companies show you no more than whether your doctor is “in-network” or not. MediBid allows you to see the training, education and experience of the doctor before you make your selection.

Medical Tourism Corporation

Satisfied and happy medical tourist is the goal of the Medical Tourism Corporation. We achieve this by removing confusion, anxiety and surprise from the process of planning & making a health care trip. is a free, confidential, independent resource for patients and industry providers. Our mission is to provide a central portal where patients, Medical Tourism providers and information come together - easily, independently and confidentially.

The Web Portal for Healthcare Professionals in Arab Countries is a guide for medical tourism and a directory of medical centers, bringing you detailed and useful information that will help you find the best healthcare services abroad.

Patients Beyond Borders

Patients Beyond Borders is the first comprehensive guide for Americans considering medical tourism. Less about travel and all about healthcare choices, this consumer guidebook provides practical answers for the increasing numbers of Americans facing long-term financial insecurity due to challenging medical conditions.


Discover most popular medical and wellness centers, all-inclusive packages around the world.

Timely Medical Alternatives

Timely Medical Alternatives has connections with doctors and hospitals throughout Canada and the United States to expedite your surgery, so you can receive the recovery you deserve when and how you want it.


Affordable treatment options with all possible ranges of medical procedures to choose from with the finest quality of healthcare in the country Affordable treatment options with all possible ranges of medical.

At our mission is to improve your life by offering reliable, affordable options for medical treatment abroad. was founded with the belief that affordable health care is available for everyone, everywhere. We make it easy for patients seeking treatments by offering free medical treatment quotes, earnest guidance finding a doctor and suitable destinations for managing your health.

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