Tick Bites

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Tick Bites

image by: Families and Children With Lyme Disease

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10 Important Ways to Avoid Summer Tick Bites

It's summertime, which means outdoor play, hiking, gardening — and tick bites...

But people can take steps to avoid the nasty critters, beyond the old-standby advice to cover up and avoid tall grass, experts say. From wood chips to a quick ride in the dryer, here are 10 ways to avoid tick bites...

1. Repel the bugs

Insecticides can be used to repel ticks, said Thomas Mather, a public health entomologist at the University of Rhode Island, and the director of tickencounter.org. Permethrin, the insecticide found in antimalarial bed nets, kills adult ticks as well as those in their larval stage, called nymphs, which are the likeliest to harbor Lyme…

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