Medical Gaslighting

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Medical Gaslighting
Medical Gaslighting

image by: NShore Patient Advocates

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Gaslighting in Medicine is Still Putting Women's Health at Risk

Your dream of relief is turning into another nightmare of frustration. You feel you are getting no respect for your ongoing suffering. For the few times the doctor looks away from the computer screen and actually gazes over at you, you sense an air of skepticism. You are dealing with a show of arrogance that proclaims that if you were seriously ill, then the tests would show it. At this point, you start to doubt your own sanity. Is it possible that all this pain and discomfort is just in your head? Maybe you only need to "toughen up” a bit and not waste the time of these medical professionals. After all, they must have real patients to take care of. A wave of guilt washes over you and you…

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 Gaslighting in Medicine is Still Putting Women's Health at Risk

Let’s pretend. You are about to have a virtual appointment with a medical doctor. You have taken the time to make up a list of several symptoms which are causing you great distress. You have been waiting for months to see this specialist and are so relieved that the appointment has finally arrived. You have faith that that this medical expert will be able to connect all dots: the sleepless nights, the chronic pain, the fatigue, and the constant anxiety. The symptoms will all coalesce into a single logical diagnosis and, at last, your ailment will have a name which will lead to a curative treatment plan.

5 Sneaky Signs Your Doctor Is Gaslighting You

Medical gaslighting is more common than you think. Here's how to tell if your symptoms are getting dismissed and what to do.

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