Sexual Harassment

Armed with a plethora of experiences, I have learned that when it comes down to it, sexual harassment is motivated by power, not passion, not lust, and certainly not love - Haley Eltherington

Sexual Harassment

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Why Sexual Harassment Is Most Importantly a Men’s Issue

I’m 7 years old, walking distractedly from my locker to my classroom trying to remember what sex is, as it was quickly explained to me by a sixth grader during recess a few weeks prior. A boy that regularly follows me home on his bike is circulating a rumour amongst all of my friends that we had sex in a bathtub “three whole times.” After revisiting this memory with my mother at the age of twenty-two, wide-eyed she softly remarked, “wow, I forgot about that.” If only it were that dismissible for me.

I’m 10 years old, lying in my best friend’s bed at 2:00 a.m. with my eyes closed so tightly I think they may burst. There is…

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