These tiny bacteria look like a harmless string of pearls–at least under a microscope. In people, they wear many faces: mild discomfort, minor inconvenience, or searing tragedy - Dr. Greene


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Strep Vaccine Could Save Lives and Reduce Health Care Costs—So Why Don't We Have One?

Does the world need a vaccine for strep throat? In a rare alignment, the pharmaceutical industry and global health advocates like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation both see such a shot as a low priority. And for the many American families for whom strep is just a routine, if annoying, feature of winter, that perspective may seem correct. But two researchers on opposite sides of the globe disagree—and in light of a recent spike in deaths, rising antibiotic resistance and a litany of other issues caused by this seemingly manageable infection, they may just be right.The group A streptococcus bacterium, the microbe responsible for strep, causes 616 million cases of sore throat each year worldwide.…

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