Broken Heart Syndrome

The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it - Nicholas Spa

Broken Heart Syndrome

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Broken Hearts Can Be A Matter Of Life And Death: The Real Dangers Of Heartbreak

The proverbial broken heart threatens anyone brave enough to put his love and trust into someone else’s hands. It’s that emotional phenomenon your mother warned you about during infamous teen angst years. But what happens when a broken heart is more than just a flood of feelings and actually enters into a physical, sometimes life-threatening state?

You’ve just been broken up with, or worse, a loved one has died and you feel the physical ache within the left cavity of your chest. You may be experiencing a rite of passage through adulthood’s love and loss, or you could be experiencing a life-threatening condition — broken heart syndrome. The blood pumping in and out of your heart becomes…

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