Being healthy is not about what you can do in the gym. It’s not about what you can do on the outside. It’s what’s going on in the inside. I really needed to find out what was going on with me, and that’s what this did. It woke me up - Bob Harper


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Lipoprotein “Little A” Can Cause More Than a Little Damage to the Heart

Bernie Sanders is lucky. He needed heart artery stents at the age of 78, but others have had major cardiac issues at younger ages, such as Bob Harper, the fitness guru from The Biggest Loser, who was only 52 when an artery blockage caused him to suffer a heart attack, and he almost died. When it comes to heart disease, you can seem healthy one day and be gone the next. This discrepancy is why doctors and health care professionals work so hard to prevent it: the first warning can often be your last. For those patients who receive preventive cardiac care, many will have some risk factor that their doctor will find and counsel them on how to lower. Even with this precaution, however, 20 percent…

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